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At Gen Plus, we respect your privacy. Your information will not be shared with or sold to any other vendor. Third party applications (such as feed subscription) have their own privacy policies in place and are not affiliated with Gen Plus.

Hooo-aaaah…new look for subscribers

If you are a subscriber to Gen Plus or a subscriber wannabee (but haven’t figured it out…I’ll tell ya in a minute), you’ll notice a slightly new look on the email that shows up in your morning inbox whenever I post.  Kind of like a “what’s changed in this picture” contest, put your comment on this post with the changes you’ve noticed, or if you are still kinda shy, email me at: and a random winner will get awarded one of the wonderful Sony CDs I get to review!  There are at least 3 changes, so you should notice one or two of them.  Hint…the woman in the pic is me.

For those of you want to get Gen Plus blog posts via your email (a very easy way to keep up, by the way), just look to the right of this post and you’ll see the name “Feedblitz”.  Enter your email in the box above it, and voila, you will receive a confirmation email.  Verify via the link that gets sent to you and you are officially subscribed. 

And don’t forget, I’m running a Facebook like-a-thon…thank you to those who “Like” me….you really, really like me! 😉  Keep the likes coming.  Head over to my Gen Plus Facebook page (just click the link), sign in or sign up, and click  the “Like” button.  That’s all there is to it.  Sh’mon….we were the rebels…you can do it.  And you know I’ll drag you there…kicking and screaming as you will!  Wuv wou! :*

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