Hope for the New Year

I’ve noticed a change over the past week.  It may be because people are forcing themselves into a level of holiday spirit, or perhaps because the human spirit always tries to rise, even in the face of troubled times…but I’m sensing positive vibes.  Is it just me? 

There have actually been some “slow” news days, with some “good” news being shared.  Even bloggers are moving to music away from politics (well, literally on TGB, but I liked the imagery) and tweeters are twittering with social media mania, while FaceBookers are connecting with anyone and everyone they ever knew.  Is it because New Year’s resolutions are on the horizon?  A chance for a clean slate and a fresh start in 2009?  Or is it because the Winter Solstice has just passed us by and minute by minute our days are getting sunnier and longer as  we move through winter and into spring?

To help you lift your spirits and get your resolutions ready, here are a few Top Ten lists that you might enjoy.

The first is the most common Top Ten resolutions for the New Year.

user-friendly top Ten “Green” List, for a concerted effort to get on the Obama green initiatives.

And my favorite, the one I think we should all get in step with, is the Scientists’ Top Ten Resolutions for 2009.

Feel free to add in your own if you want!

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