Ideas for getting fit…

Twitter Moms is asking for the top TEN ways to get fit after the holidays.  And I’m responding. Why? Because it’ll get me started early on my resolutions AND because I’m going to enter their contest, hosted by  in the hopes that I’ll be a winner of the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer (I already have Wii Fit and you can use it on your Wii…so, I’m just hopin’.)

There are many rules in order to be eligible for the contest, and I’m sure I’ll miss a few of them…but sounds like fun…so here goes.

  1. Eat less.
  2. Walk the dog longer. (I own a pet care business, so I do tend to get in a fair bit of walking daily…but still… could go a few minutes more on each walk.
  3. Walk the dog. (Well…there are some days I don’t walk. )
  4. Use different muscle groups. (My quads and calves are strong like bull…but the abs are a bit on the soft side)
  5. Leave the car and walk somewhere (hard to do in LA…but still possible)
  6. Jump rope with my daughter
  7. Shoot some hoops with my daughter. (Note to self: fill up basketball with air)
  8. Pick up toys
  9. Take up yoga again
  10. Eat less. (I know it was #1, but heck, it bears repeating.)

Those are my ten.  Feel free to add yours in the comments and away we go. 

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