I’m All Shook Up…

Well, we had a 5.4 quake today in Southern California. I’ve only experienced a couple of smaller earthquakes before, so this one was pretty impressive. This was a more pleasant type of quake (if you can describe any quake as pleasant!) — rolling, vs. shaking, so after the initial excitement, and the several hours of interrupted cell phone service, life quickly returned to normal…at least for me, in Encino.

A blogger friend sent me a concerned email asking how I was. I had ALREADY forgotten about the quake and sent her a cheery update on my personal and business life. My sister (a talented interior designer) got a call within minutes of the quake from a client asking about a current design they were working on together. My daughter (who is now sleeping curled next to me) was terrified and prepared her own emergency bag. Of course, that had me revisiting my own emergency bags…with 10 year old granola bars, a checkbook from a bank account I no longer have, and ID and credit cards that expired 7 years ago.

In California, those who have grown up here get used to earthquakes. I’m thinking that since I was barely bothered, I must be a true Californian. Wow. That’s Narly. I hear there should be good surfin’ tomorrow.

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