Innovation in job search

It is amazing what one can do without.  After decades of conspicuous consumption, most of us are cutting back even further than we ever thought we’d have to.  When you are without a job, it isn’t a question of just becoming more budget-conscious, but in this economy, where every day even MORE jobs are being cut, it is about innovation and ingenuity.  You can pretend to go out for lunch by ordering a half-salad or soup.  You can get your sushi fix, by picking up the occasional tuna roll from a good quality supermarket.  You can go to the movies on your computer (I like Netflix), and you can extend your social life through attending networking meetings.

I’ve seen and heard of many creative ways to undertake job search, but the other day I saw something I’d never seen before.  Someone had created a small brochure out of their resume and was sticking it under the windshield wipers of an office building parking lot.  I’ve certainly seen car papering — for car detailing, local pizza joints, contractors (while I was in Home Depot), and other “car relevant” locations.  But I’d never seen someone using the locale of an office building combined with a personal resume brochure.  So highly creative.  Will it get that person a job?  I don’t know.  But the headline was “Detail-oriented”, and I thought that a hiring manager might take a second look at someone who went to the trouble to get their word out.

I’d love to hear of other innovative ways for getting your resume noticed in this new economy.

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