It’s all about Bamboo. Sometimes.

IMG_0811I’m a huge supporter of sustainability.  And I love the versatility and strength of bamboo, so I was particularly excited by NatureZway sending me a few of their eco-friendly cleaning solution products to test and review.

I tested Bamboo Perforated Towels (washable and reusable)  and the Bamboo Floor Wipes.   My business by day is pet services (including dog boarding) so I’m constantly and chronically wiping up everything from water spills to pee accidents and more. So I was ready to get cracking the minute the box arrived.  And I have good news and bad news on both products.  The good news is that the Bamboo Floor Wipes are absorbent, easy to use and to pop in the wash.  I tested this product on a full bowl water spill and was able to absorb quite a bit.  It worked as well as any other floor wipe product I’ve used.  However, the appeal of this product is its washability and the wipe didn’t stand up to the washer/dryer particularly well.  The fibers separated quite a bit and I doubt I’ll be able to use it more than one more time without tossing it.

The other product, the Perforated Towels were what really had me excited because I go through paper towels and hand/bath towels like there is no tomorrow.  The good news is that this product stood up better through the wash cycle…however, the towel is not as absorbent as a good paper towel, so didn’t actually sop up the mess…it moved it around more than anything else.  So poor marks on absorbency.   Also, it looks so much like a regular paper towel that several were thrown out by mistake.  Although over time, I suspect the user would get accustomed to tossing the towel in with the wash instead of the trash.

So high marks for sustainability, but medium marks for performance.  I’d definitely give the paper towels a try again on a subsequent iteration or if I didn’t need such heavy absorbency.

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