It’s Monday and I’m a bit grumpy…but grateful.

Last Sunday was not usual.  In the afternoon I took my daughter to a birthday party for the son of a dear friend.  A Go-Kart party.  And it didn’t go well.  My daughter got into a bad crash and broke her leg badly.  (Broken tibia, fibula, dislocated ankle, full leg cast for 8 weeks, approx, wheelchair to go back to school in 4 weeks, physio after cast comes off.  Really bad.) I’ve waited a week to write about it because it was a very tough week and my child was in a great deal of pain, but as we are at the end of week one, she’s doing a heck of a lot better. 

The raceway was MB2 Raceway in Sylmar, California.  And I’ve got brickbats  and bouquets for the players involved in handling the emergency.

Bouquets to the staff at Olive View Medical Center — Dr. John Crisp, Dr. Inessa Grinberg, Dr. Megan OBryan, and nurse Tina Kaeser — all went above and beyond their tired call of duty to care for my child.  Kudos to the paramedics, Travis and Hardy.  I don’t know their last names, but they treated my 9-year old with care and dignity and acted quickly to get her to emergency care as fast as possible.

Big brickbats to the staff and management at MB2.  Not only is it one week later and I’ve not gotten a call, a note, an email…to say “Hi.  How is your daughter doing after that traumatic and dramatic accident where she broke 2 bones in her leg and dislocated her ankle so badly that it took about 10 minutes to relocate it?  Is she doing OK?”  They were ill-prepared for any type of accident.  Had no ice packs, no protocol, took no information, wrote up no accident report, and didn’t call the paramedics until the second request.  Would I EVER entrust my child to their facility again?  No.  Never.  NEVER.

Kudos to the mom of the birthday boy, the birthday boy himself (who came to the hospital and refused to leave my daughter’s side until we knew that everything was really under control), kudos to the dad of one of the birthday kids who lifted my daughter out of the go-kart and carried her to a sofa and held her until we had her placement under control.  Thank you’s to the other moms and dads who put their jackets on my child as she headed into shock because there were no blankets on hand to cover her and who have called and visited and brought good wishes and books and distractions for my child to help her through a long recovery.

Right now, on this Monday morning, my daughter is sleeping fitfully beside me, her leg, raised on three pillows, in a really long and really heavy green fiber glass cast.  I am so thankful that she didn’t suffer head or organ trauma.  I am so angry at myself that I let her ride on the go-kart and I’m just mortified that the owner of a racetrack wouldn’t even bother to take a minute to find out how a little girl, who got so badly injured in his facility, was doing.  Thankfully, for us, life goes on and the next few months will be a blip in her lifetime, but if you are a parent and have ever seen your child in excruciating pain, you’ll understand my pain and anger as I wish I could take it on myself…instead of her having to endure this recovery.

6 thoughts on “It’s Monday and I’m a bit grumpy…but grateful.

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s accident. It is hard to believe the lack of humanity exhibited by the Go Kart staff. Thankfully, the party guests behaved like responsible human beings.

    All the best to you and your little girl as you work through recovery.

    Lisa Alkana

  2. dear janet: I am still not completely sure that I went on your website and read about your daughter? I am bad with computers, have no idea how I got on your site, and if I am understanding what I read? tell me I am a nut and that she is totally FINE!!!!!!
    hope that I have completely MISREAD the info. at any account, all the VERY BEST, MIRJAM

  3. Hey sorry to hear about your daugher, i know how scary that is as a parent to see your child get hurt like that. I have two children of my own and theyre a handful. I wanted to point out the comment you made about this being a “blip” in her lifetime, and that life moves on. That is so true, but yet i feel that for us baby boomers many of us forget that since we’ve been around for so long. I recently came across this site , its all about sparking a movement in our generation to never give up our dreams and to find other people with the same dreams and share with each other.

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