It’s starting again….

I truly have a love-hate relationship with the US political system.  Watching the fight for the Republican nomination is kind of like the rubbernecking Southern Californians are famous for passing car accidents on the 405, the 101, the 10, the 5…
It seems to be gearing up to be the Bachmann (ugh) gob smack of the next year and a half and I’m already addicted.
My view:  Michele Bachmann is a polished, polarizing, candidate who is a bunch smarter than Sarah Palin, so stands to gain more support from the ultra right and right wing Republicans.  I can’t stand her and haven’t been able to stand her since she started sharing her 2 cents on Anderson Cooper.  She caters to a very white, very Christian, very ultraconservative segment of the US population, holds onto a narrow and dated view of how to run this country and simply doesn’t represent many segments of today’s America.  But heck, she’s telegenic.
Here she is today:
I hate to speak against another woman at any time.  But she doesn’t represent a single thing I believe in.  Nuff said.  Here are a few snippets from various new organizations:
From USA Today:
The lack of a firm commitment from some of the Iowans who attended Bachmann’s
events reflects the findings of a recent Des Moines
poll that said 69% of likely caucusgoers could still be
persuaded to support another candidate — a fact that could encourage an
undeclared prospective candidate to consider a bid. One of those potential
candidates, ex-Alaska governor Sarah
, could be particularly troublesome to Bachmann given that many voters
look at them as very similar politicians. Palin is scheduled to arrive in Pella,
Iowa, today to screen a movie about her life.
From the BBC:
BBC North America editor Mark Mardell says Republicans feel that next year’s
presidential election is winnable if only they have a candidate who sparkles –
and Michele Bachmann is the latest to catch their eye.
She is already a darling of the Tea Party movement for her plain talking and
forthright conviction politics.
While she has made her share of harsh statements – seen by opponents as
gaffes – some think she has many of Sarah Palin’s qualities with fewer of the
drawbacks, our correspondent adds.
Ms Bachmann stresses her record as a tax lawyer and founder of a charter
school, as well as repeating frequently that she is a mother of five children
and foster mother to 23.
She is an economic conservative who says she will not vote to raise America’s
debt limit and is urging big tax cuts.
And Ms Bachmann is also a social conservative – a born-again Christian and a
fierce opponent of abortion and gay marriage.
That goes down well with Republicans in Iowa, but may not be such a draw to
those in the middle ground, our correspondent says.
From The Globe and Mail:
Republican voters could shy away from Ms. Bachmann if they are more concerned about choosing the most electable candidate in a position to defeat Mr. Obama. But she rejected questions about whether she can reach beyond the Republican base to appeal to the moderate independent voters needed to defeat Mr. Obama in November 2012.
“The liberals, and to be clear I am not one of those, want you to believe the Tea Party movement is just the right wing of the Republican Party,” she said. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”
Ms. Bachmann is known for piercing commentary that has endeared her to some voters, but at times her inaccurate commentary has led others to label her as a fringe candidate. She once falsely complained that taxpayers would be stuck with a $200-million per day tab for an Obama trip to India and accused the first black U.S. President of running a “gangster government.”
“Her trick is going to be to maintain that boldness and to somehow rein it in and discipline it so it works for her and not against her,” said Republican pollster Mike McKenna, who isn’t working for any 2012 presidential candidates.
And a batch of tweets, fresh off of twitter:
latimesLos Angeles Times
Michele Bachmann: Right town, wrong John Wayne RT @latimesmuskal
Huffington Post
HuffingtonPostHuffington Post
Hilarious Michele Bachmann tweets:
Kate McIntyre
LeftsideAnnieKate McIntyre
MIchele Bachmann may have a “titanium spine” – but she also has a swiss cheese brain. #CrazyShelley @KeithOlbermann #fok
“The President of the United States is threatened by my candidacy. He fears me.” — Michele Bachmann, 6/27/11
Greta Van Susteren
gretawireGreta Van Susteren
Eliot Spitzer calls Rep Michele Bachmann a “fringe” candidate? says he doesn’t take her seriously?:…
Funny Or Die
funnyordieFunny Or Die
Michele Bachmann‘s 5 Biggest Factual Gaffes
Steve Weinstein
steveweinsteinSteve Weinstein
Michele Bachmann might love her own foster kids, but she wants to kill Grandma. #medikill
Michele Bachmann is the perfect representative of today’s GOP. She marches in 100% lockstep with the GOP on every issue.
Michele Bachmann Tries To Tap Into John Wayne Myth, Compares Self To Notorious Serial Killer Instead
Stop talking about how extreme Michele Bachmann is. Talk instead about how completely mainstream her views are in today’s GOP.
Matt Ortega
MattOrtegaMatt Ortega
NBC News: @TomPetty unhappy with Michele Bachmann‘s use of “American Girl” and in process of issuing C&D letter.
Mark R. Levin
marklevinshowMark R. Levin
Congressman Michele Bachmann up next to talk about her Presidential run!
Don Millard
Michele Bachmann has a history of getting history wrong.
Joseph J. Santorsa
Marnus3Joseph J. Santorsa
Michele Bachmann officially threw her straight jacket into the ring today. #p2 #shutterisland

3 thoughts on “It’s starting again….

  1. I don’t think she is irrelevant. She represents a very hard line evangelical position. Just as I don’t agree with evangelical religion of any kind (mostly because of intolerance of other views), it is equally important, in this age of media opinion-making, vs. objective reporting, to point out anyone who tries to revise history to their own purposes. I suspect you agree with me about that.

  2. Janet – What is this about being a Christian is negative ?
    Being a Christian is about being nice to your neighbour, & loving God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might. Yes ? So – what is wrong with that ? The teachings of Christ are exceedingly hard ball – bang up to date. He would not recognise all our sects anyway.
    I do not re-call his having said anything about homosexuality, so what has that got to do with anything – except that it is wrong use of a piece of art – but if that does not break the art work, then I guess it harms no-one except just possibly the participants. As for beliefs – there is no such thing as a rational belief ( David Hume, 1711 – 1776. q.v. – I just love that axiom. ) As I have told you. – got married 7th May to Helen. Ah, what bliss.
    Surely USA can field heavier candidates than Sarah Palin or

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