Just a really bad day

I usually have a great day.  Every morning I get up with sunshine in my heart (because I’m an unfailing optimist — really tough to be around at 6 am if you typically need a coffee to wake up) and enthusiasm for the day ahead.  Granted, it has been a bit challenging getting back to my rhythm after a week in Montreal visiting family and friends.  Really tough to get through breakfast when I’m longing for a Montreal chocolate croissant or a fresh bagel with chopped egg.  But, you know, you move on and get back in the rhythm.   A typical LA gal at this point, I tend to have an overscheduled day and often forget to factor in LA traffic. 

Anyway, by about 1 pm, the day just fell apart.  Not important to get into the details, but there was a definite spiral and it went down, down and down.  Yes, there was traffic involved.  Lots of it.  Drama involved.  Yup.  Lots of it.  By the end of the day, I was hopelessly behind and extremely unhappy about the events that were unraveling around me.  (Do you remember those planetary systems we had in grade school?  Well, I was kind of like the moon revolving around earth trying to get a grasp of the sun…kinda sorta.) 

At 8:30 PM, I’m in a slow recovery.  Or at least the downward spiral has stopped.  I know, with the certainty of having woken up with a smile for the past 50 years, that I’ll wake up with my optimistic spirit restored.  But cripes…for tonight…I really hope I can be asleep by the count of 20.  Vent over.

One thought on “Just a really bad day

  1. For folks like us who can usually find the bright side of almost anything (even if we have to create it with our own special handy-dandy flashlights) a good vent now and then is a wonderful thing. Glad I could be here to “listen”.

    Hope you slept well and your days since have been unravel-free!

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