Keeping a Psychotherapist in your Back Pocket

Wouldn’t you love to have an on-call psychotherapist…someone who when you are having a stuck moment in your day can give you a 30-second reset?  Well that is what Catherine Aumen’s book, “Shortcuts to Mindfulness: 100 Ways to Personal and Spiritual Growth” is all about.  

Nationally recognized mental health expert, Auman, has collected her observations and tips over the years and collated them into a handy dandy guide for those of us look longingly at the self-help aisle in the bookstores and online.

What this is not?  A deep foray into your psyche.  What it is?  A delightful collection of her observations and thoughts from a psychotherapist perspective.  Who wouldn’t love to understand their and everyone else’s subtext?  We all need a boost and these small boosts pack a wallop.  If you are like me, you’ll flip through and land on the one that catches your eye.  When it does, it is guaranteed to resonate.

Her short essays are great for our fast-paced lives.  Feeling down in the dumps about your existing relationship?  Bored of each other in bed after too many years?   Flip to “The Quickest Route to Tantric Sex” for a 1 minute primer on perking up your love life.

Don’t have a therapist, but could benefit from some stress-busting time?  In her page and half essay “There’s an App for That” Aumen delivers a handful of apps that can head you on the right direction for your day/week/year.

Fun, fast, fits in your pocket (or on your Kindle or e-reader) and will boost your spirit as often as it needs a lift.

Head to her website for more info or to see her other publications.

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