Kill Grandma or Blogging Boomers?

Over the past year, the fear of aging has gripped the US. The panic over how to handle a dwindling Social Security fund and finance 78 million boomers is a telling indicator of how reactive, rather than proactive, the US is when it comes to social responsibility.

While Katrina has overshadowed much of the hollering and has overtaken the nation with this national tragedy, what has become very apparent is that we are not prepared, as a country, to handle an immediate emergency, much less one looming over our own horizon.

White elephant that we, the aging population, may be, BUT we aren’t standing in the middle of the room hoping that government will notice us. They will…but too late. If 50-plus waits for help, it will never come and the ship that is Social Security, will have sunk!

What is happening is that companies like Gen Plus, Home Depot, Target, and WalMart, among others, are investing in the older worker. More companies are joining the wave, using grandparents and older parents of their employees to test new software and website interfaces for user-friendliness.

A force of Blogging Boomers, Raging Grannies, Mouthy Matures and Demanding Dementias are unleashing…through the power of Internet and reaching, albeit karate keyboarding their way, into the workplace. Like it or not — 78 million have arrived.

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