Let’s lighten it up, shall we?

Wow.  What a week.  Oil spill creating untold environmental damage.  Volcanic ash clouding the heavens.  Arizona immigration law.  Floods and storms across Tennessee rival Katrina.  Failed terror attempt in the Big Apple. 

Did all this stuff always go on but we just didn’t know it before instant communications?  There are so many dire things happening that in combination with the unendingly tough economy it can be a bit overwhelming and definitely make one get depressed. 

I had a horrible week last week and it is continuing to this week.  Not a horrible week because bad things happened to me…no…I was simply in a nasty (understatement) mood that just wouldn’t break.  I wondered if this was a post-menopausal precursor to becoming a cranky older woman.  Fortunately I got fed up with myself and bored of my pitifull self-pity funk.   Yesterday, midday, I told myself to pull up my socks and get over myself.   I’ve dipped back in a couple of times, but overall, my mind shift seems to have worked.  My reality is that I’m usually UNusually optomistic and cheery…sometimes so much that people can think I’m not for real…but I honestly get out of bed on the sunny side and seem to hold onto that mood with or without the benefit of coffee. 

Now that I’ve had a day of clear-headedness, I have found the source of my bad mood.  Sleep — or rather, lack of it.  Looking back, I’ve had a very bad week of restless sleeping.  Because of worrying about whatever all of us worry about.  Because of being overly invested in the news and worrying about the world and my ability or inability to help change it for the better.  Because of  economic concerns.  Because of all the children’s meds (Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl) that were recalled.  Because I didn’t walk enough and my new activity meter (MyTrak) didn’t give me a green light for the day.  Because of the social media seminar I’m giving next Saturday.  Because, because, because. 

It’s almost 11 pm.  I usually am asleep by 9 or 9:30 (up with the dogs and sleep according to farmer hours), so tonight I’m about to warm up a cup of delish cocoa, turn off the news, and free my mind for a good night’s sleep.  Guaranteed that will have a positive impact on bringing light into my day tomorrow, regardless of what is going on in the rest of the world.  Don’t fail me, cocoa…don’t fail me.

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