Let’s talk about Twitter

I had never joined in on the Twitter frenzy for no reason other than I was busy with LinkedIn and Facebook, my blog, my life, my work…etc.  But I’m now a Twitter fan and discovering how to create my own Twitter frenzy. 

So, I’m inviting readers to join in. 

Twitter is an aggregate updater.  That means that you can funnel many of the web parts of yourself into one Twitter page.  There you can follow all sorts of people that interest you and they can also follow you. 

As I post this blog, an excerpt of it will appear on my Twitter page.  To get a Twitter page (and anyone can have one), just head over to www.Twitter.com and sign up for a free account.  You’ll get your own page (mine is www.twitter.com/genplus and if you head over there, you’ll see my personal updates and my blog feed.  If you click on the word “follow” that is under my picture, then you become a “follower” and I will feel very flattered that you are so interested! 

On your “Home” page, you’ll see the snippets from everyone you are following.  It’s a fun and different way to add to your own network.  Not everyone you follow will decide to follow you (so, I may be following Rachel Maddow’s blog, but she isn’t following mine…or at least not yet!)

Head on over, try it out.  Lots of Boomers and 50 Plussers on Twitter.

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