Let’s try something new…how about a Like-a-Thon

Over the past couple of weeks, friends of mine have been running marathons — some the full 26.2 miles and some the half-marathon.  All were generally pleased with their times — some uphill grinds, wind blowing against them, a bit of calf strain, too much humidity…but they all trained for months, and accomplished their goals.  Got me thinking about telethons, webathons, etc. and I’ve decided to embark (perhaps foolishly) on a Like-a-Thon (kind of like a Twitter party, but no hashtags “#” required!)  I want you to “Like” me on my Facebook page.  I’ve got a following I’m pleased with on Twitter, but not so much on Facebook.

Why?  Because you, my sweet demographic of readers in the Boomer and 50 Plus age group don’t relish Facebook in the way that us social media lovers do.  I’m a Boomer, a Facebooker, LinkedIn lover, and tweeter.  So I’m doing a social experiment with our age group.  I want to see how many of  my readers (oh…so reluctant to venture into this online world!) will take up the challenge and “Like” me on Facebook.  I have a Gen Plus page.  All you do is click on this my Gen Plus link if you are a subscriber, or click in the right box if you are on my webpage.  Once you click through, if you already have a Facebook account, just click “Like”, and you are a raving Gen Plus fan.  If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one…but it’s FUN.  Make sure to keep your account private (go to the privacy features) to only your friends, and you are on your way to connecting and reconnecting with your friends and family without ever having to look up an email address again. 

So what is MY experiment?  I’d like to see how many of you take up the challenge regardless of age group, political viewpoint, or what country you live in.  (I LOVE my readers from down under and those across the pond, so please join in!)

I’m so commited to getting a result that I have some super cool recently released music CDs (as in seriously just hot off the presses) and plan on sending out a few of them plus a few Gen Plus exercise CDs (very fun) to randomly-selected Facebook fans, who I will contact directly for shipping details.  I’ll let you know what CDs were shipped after the “Like-a-Thon” is over and done with.  I’m planning on running this for about a month, so you can get your prize before the holidays (my little gift to you!)

Hopefully you read my review on The Social Network  and actually have experienced the movie by now, so you’ll understand what I love about this network and social media in general.  If not, take a gamble and show me some cool weather love….or like.

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