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About a month ago my daughter wrote a letter to President Obama.  She had an issue that she felt he needed to know about from the perspective of a 9-year old.  So she created a well-considered rough draft of her letter, then found the right stationary, drew lines on it so that her letters would be straight, and in her best script, wrote to him about a billboard promoting a “gentlemen’s club”.  The reason she objected to the billboard is that it was right near a high school we pass every day on the way to her elementary school and she thought the message to the young students was all wrong.

Every day since she sent the letter, she races to the mailbox waiting for her answer from the White House.  So far, no letter has arrived, even though, I believe all written letters do ultimately get a response.  I’ll let you know when it comes.

2 thoughts on “Letter to the president

  1. As we say in the South: Bless her heart. It’s an important issue, and if your daughter doesn’t get results, I suggest that you get involved. But to get action, maybe she or you should try working locally by contacting an alderman/woman or the mayor.

  2. Nancy, she and I both discussed that it was a local zoning issue. She’s 9 and she wanted to write to the President and since that was the issue bugging her, who is to say no? Still checking the mail every day and every day…no letter back. My mother wrote a letter to the President a few years back and she did get a letter back — about 9 months later.

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