Life Coaching — why all the fuss?

I used to turn up my nose at the concept of life coaching.  After all, in my mid-40’s I had it all together — successful career, happy home life, a future I could envision.  I’d been through couples therapy (during the end of my marriage), individual therapy, survived traumatic events in my life, enjoyed a fairly happy existence.  In my late 40’s, I went through the “change” (as we all do — men and women), and found myself re-engineering my future.  So I decided to try life coaching vs. therapy, to see what I’d find out about myself and my unknown (LOL) issues.

And…wow.  It has been an eye-opening, astoundingly positive experience.  Unlike therapy, where you dig into yourself, your past, interrelationship communications, family history and patterns, etc, etc, in life coaching you explore issues from the perspective of what you can control, vs. what you cannot control…and then act upon, move forward with, what you CAN control, in the most positive of ways.  For a Boomer, used to controlling my destiny, it is a powerful, fun and enlightening experience — even thorny issues end up revealing the positive directions I can take.  Every coaching session has left me with a result that helps me take another step forward (and some of them have been huge steps!)

So when a life change is on the horizon, or when you want a life change to show up on the horizon, there are two great paths to take — you can find a wonderful life coach and reinvent your direction; or you can BECOME a life coach (you go through a coaching experience along the way) and recareer.  The training school that MY life coach attended is Erickson College and Guido Furlani, Regional Program Organizer for Erickson College, in Vancouver BC and Los Angeles, has passed along the info for their upcoming Los Angeles training program.  Titled “The Art & Science of Coaching “, this intensive training takes place in 4 modules (April 8 through May 23) , all held at the beautiful Marina del Rey hotel in Los Angeles.

The program builds a foundation for mastery in coaching and assists people and teams to connect with, live and work from a place of deep alignment and motivation.


Completion of the program also gives you the minimum certification requirement to be a member of the International Coach Federation.  For more info on Erickson,, and for this particular series of sessions, contact GUIDO FURLANI, Regional Program Organizer at (323) 282.7887 or 

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