Life (Part 2) — a shout out to PBS

Just got a tickler from PBS on their series Life (Part 2) which premiers nationwide on September 13. (check local listings.)  It is a series aimed at us — the 78 million plus boomers.  The series explores how we dealing with aging [me?…not so well!  LOL)] and how we are going to have to overcome the societal, physical and financial obstacles that come with it to [hopefully?] live a vibrant and fulfilling second part. If you shoot down the post, there is a video excerpt from one of the segments on the Generation Gap.  Too true! 

From the release:

Hosted by Emmy winning New York Times journalist Robert Lipsyte, the series provokes, entertains, and educates boomers on a wide range of topics from plastic surgery, boomer dating and successful boomer marriages, to getting rid of the boomer belly, keeping a fit mind and body, and fighting ageism while looking for an encore career. With wit, insight, and the experience of having made the passage himself, Lipsyte engages in candid dialogue with a wide range of guests including Joy Behar, Martha Stewart, Phil Donahue, Gail Sheehy, David Hyde Pierce, Billie Jean King, and Governor Mike Huckabee among many others.

The website at( features video, and a blog written by the Host, and other resources. Facebook at and Twitter

The only thing that got my old goat in the press release (probably penned by a 20-something?) is that our “time” is referred to at “this new ‘old age'”.  Well, I relate to the series, but at 50 and as a small business owner with a 9 year old, I can assure you that this ain’t old age in any form.  But I am interested — particularly on this focus:

“With the economy’s downturn, baby boomers have been particularly affected – with the shrinking of their life savings, loss of their jobs, and the ageism they confront when looking for a new career,” says Life (Part 2) executive producer Naomi S. Boak, who also produced the critically acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning PBS documentary The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer’s. “This show is designed to inspire boomers’ own self exploration of how they can make a fresh start at any age… of how they can live 20 or 30 more years of vigor, engagement and impact, defying ageist stereotypes while still having a clear-eyed view of the challenges that come with this new territory.”

Enjoy the clip and support the series.

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