Lifecycle in Business

I’ve been driving the 405 S and N each day, using up a good 2 – 2/12 hours of my life each day, for the past 6 years. I’ve actually used some of that time to figure out how many days that comes out to. 1 full month…day and night, per year. Over 6 years, that means 6 months — 1/2 a year has been spent on the 405. I know every curve, pothole, lane change there is on that highway. I also know how to get off at any exit and navigate surface streets to get home…as I did every day for 2 months after this year’s rains and subsequent landslides.

So, in order to make the most of my time, I think. I think as I drive. The thinking is what allowed me to free up my mind enough to come up with the concept of Gen Plus. I’ve tried books on tape, CDs, use my cell phone enough to pay for the state debt of Nebraska, eat and try to stay awake.

Currently, all I think about is my new company and about ways to improve it, relaunch it, market, advertise…basically all things entrepreneurs obsess over…I’m doing it. Right now, I’m listening to the incredible wisdom of Dr. Ichak Adizes. His entire management theory centers around the lifecycle of a business and the parallels to the human lifecycle. He explains the entrepreneurial spirit and the conflict that ensues as a business grows through adolescence and hopefully onto prime.

Currently, according to his definition of lifecycle stages, I’ve passed courtship and am now in infancy. Goo! Just working toward crawling!

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