The thing that is so fascinating to me about the blogworld is that it is like reality TV on the web, except that you are not separated by the screen. What is even more fantastic is that you can communicate with any stranger on any topic.

For those of you who follow my blog (and thank you!), you already know that I am obsessed with connections on a large scale. I like to look at things like the sudden interest in Sudan, find out that oil reserves are available in the Sudan…hmmm, discover that China purchases recyclables from many countries and converts them into synthetic oil….hmmm, that China tries to take over Russia’s national oil company (the bid fails), but does purchase 76 in the US. So, big picture, China needs oil. And China is going to get oil. And the US and China are playing out a not so hidden power dance through the Middle East. For me…a lot of….hmmmm.

And then I comment on what I observe. Very macro-oriented.

Well, a few days ago, as I was blogstrolling, I randomly came upon a site that grabbed me. A lovely man, Cass Brown ,, is living…really living…with terminal cancer and shares a blog that is so deeply personal, so loving of life, so caring of others in his life, so concerned with strangers thousands of miles away that he creates magic in cyberspace. He caught my heart immediately.

He is funny, brilliant, observant…and almost 180,000 other folks think so too. In the year and a half since he was diagnosed, this one man has touched 180,000 other hearts. His musings, his pics, his expansive love for his child, his wife, his innermost thoughts…very micro. But this inner energy reaches out so very strongly and makes connections…in a most visceral way…across the internet to 180,000 others.

Cass has unintentionally turned micro to macro. His single story is the story of the thousands of others who read, write to him, comment on his site. I love him already. Please visit him. He is macro and there are many, many beautiful people who will benefit from sharing his journey with him because it is their own journey too. A great connection.

4 thoughts on “Macro/micro

  1. Gosh, you maked me go all red. I didn’t set out to any of the things you said – it just kind of happened when I wasn’t looking.

    Just for the sake of accuracy – I wasn’t diagnosed a year and half ago, that was my EDD (expected dead date).


  2. Thanks for the clarification Cass. I didn’t realize it was your EDD. Best of luck with your book.

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