Making Blogging Sexy for Gen Plus?

Ay. Ayayay. has erupted into the biggest traffic generator since Google. 78 million Boomers are about to be over 50 years of age. And the two shall never meet. MySpace has caught on like wildfire because 20 and 30-somethings were born and bred on the internet community. Eleven year-olds aren’t reading books…they are text-messaging.

As I surf the blogs one thing becomes so very apparent. My tribe ain’t here yet. When I say “blog” to a Gen Plusser, generally their eyes glaze over with lack of understanding. They understand the web. They understand the general information gathering that the internet offers. But when it comes to Blog….they Fog.

So, as with many business owners, looking to steer my tribe, my niche, my 50-Plussers in need of reinvention, of “saging”, or re-engineering…I find Blog. I LOVE Blog. Allows me to share the inner workings of a business on the rise in a fairly new medium.

Few political rants and raves, but some astute observations about life after 50, if I don’t say so myself. An opportunity to follow the lives of those I might never have met otherwise. A chance to READ the rants and raves of discontented 20 year olds, disenfranchised stay-at-home mums, 40-something mid-life crisis dabbling professionals…in short, time to meet so many except for my tribe.

If you are one of the 50-Plussers that visits here from time to time, you are also one of the few that are in the “know.”

So, my dear 20 and 30-somethings…please don’t pass by so quickly. Help us time warp out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (yes, we were the original audiences!) Forward the blog to your folks, the friends of your parents, your teachers, your doctors, your family lawyers. It is the only way to re-educate a generation raised on TV rather than Internet.

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    The biggest and most welcome change on the Web in the last five years has been the astronomical growth of Web feeds: XML files containing a snapshot of a Web site’s newest content that saves readers a …
    I’m lovin’ it – programy

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