Marketing to Boomers and 50 Plus? I’m JUST Irritated.

At 78 million plus strong, we are a marketers dream. The Boomer and 50 Plus generation falls into two camps. Those with and those without. Money, that is.

Marketers are falling over each other to find out what we will or won’t spend our money on. Will there be a recession? Won’t there be a recession? Will the media frenzy about the maybe yes/maybe no recession force a recession? What does Ben Bernake think?
I’ll tell you what I think.
  • If I have a job and a house and can pay my bills…no recession.
  • If I have lost my job, lost or in the process of losing my house and cannot pay my bills…recession.
Regardless of what happens in the overall economy, it is our personal need and perception that really counts after all. So what I want to know from you is this:
What do you WANT to spend your money on in 2008?
What do you NEED to spend your money on in 2008?
What will you NOT spend your money on in 2008?
Add your comments to this post or email me directly at I may post a survey and if I do, I’ll also make sure to publish results.

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