Migration from Blogger to WordPress

Today I “migrated” or copied over my blog entries from Blogger to WordPress.  I’ve taken a risk on my visibility on the web, as I may lose my high rankings because of now having duplicate posts (both on Blogger and on WordPress).  There are some get-arounds, but with 500 plus posts, it would have taken me days to migrate.  Since I’m a consistent blogger, I’m just going to stick with the tried and true …which is to continue to write about things that interest you.  It looks like all my categories imported just fine, so you can still source job and career info easily by clicking on those categories.  Ditto for the Blogging Boomers Carnival.  Yay.

You’ll note there is still nothing on the “About” page or on the “Product” pages.  It takes a lot of time to get everything set up, but I’m willing to put in the time in order to have the ability to play with the site.  I’m not taking down my Blogger site for now and posts on this site will now “feed” into the Blogger site.  I’m very curious to see what will happen as I get re-indexed for search! 

When my posts migrated, the one challenge (and I’m not going to do a fix right now) is that all my pics are resident on Blogger, so they don’t move with the site.  You’ll see an “x” placeholder where pics should be.  If I decide to be very anal, I’ll go back and re-upload all the pics…but with 500 plus posts, that seems a bit time-consuming!  I’d rather take my time to move forward and not back!!

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