Move over Social Media — here comes Stealth Media

Associated Press reporter, Roxana Hegeman, reported this morning on a Wichita Kansas’ judge’s groundbreaking decision to allow Twitter in the courtroom of a racketeering gang trial.   Now, Twitter has been allowed in some courtroom’s for about a year, but this trial will attract a ton of attention as the profile runs even higher with Twitter awareness.  For any of you who STILL have not investigated Twitter, head over to my page to get an idea of how it works.  Basically, imagine me getting the concept of this entire blog in 140 characters and sending it immediately out to the world through the Twitter network.  It is called micro-blogging, and it is so exciting because of the immediate broad reach of this new form of communication.

So this post, in micro-blog form would be something like this: 

“Twitter, becomes stealth media. Federal gang trial attention skyrocketing. Brings public into the courtroom. Judge applauded by Tweeters.”

The reporter, Ron Sylvester, has been covering state trials using Twitter, but this is the first federal trial to allow live Tweeting during the trial.  If it were televised, we could all watch it — but by him being “at the scene” and tweeting in the moment, we get perspective and opinion that you would never get from an overview report, or blog post at the end of the day.

Lawyers are BESIDE themselves with worry over tainting the jury, but the judge accepts Twitter as part of media.  As a matter of fact, blogging is already considered in the general umbrella of media and Twitter is definitely part of that.  What I like is that ground-breaking news can reach the world in 140 characters and click.  What is the latest in the Senate?  Head over to Twitter and search the latest bill you want to hear about.  What is the latest gossip on Chris Brown (that slug)?  Head over to Twitter and type in “Rihana beating”.  Want to hear about AIG becoming a penny stock?  Ditto.  And you aren’t just hearing from any old anyone. You will hear from the decision-makers, now using Twitter to keep their constituents, clients, and public informed.  Latest rumors?  check.  GM deal with the Feds?  Check.  Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?  Someone will want to talk.  Just wait.  It has only just begun.  Stealth media.  You heard it here, first.  😉

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