My New Year’s resolution?

A very happy and healthy new year to all my friends and readers who are Jewish and celebrating Rosh Hashana this weekend.  One good thing about celebrating both the Jewish New Year and the C.E. New Year is that I get to make my resolutions twice.  I’m sure it’s going to be a challenging one.  Unemployment figures came out today with a  glaring 12.2% unemployment rate — so it means another tough business year ahead and probably even more layoffs to come.  But should that stop us in life?  And in love?  I’ve spent the last couple of years working to the bone to build my businesses and I’m glad I’ve done so!  But at the same time, I’ve given up on dating.  Not good when you’re a 50 year-old. 

So, since this morning I discovered I’m going to live to 90(!), I decided that I can’t go another 40 years without a man in my life!  My resolution (at least for the next 10 days or so) is to dedicate some energy towards finding my significant other.  Coincidentally, I received a copy of a really cute (and insightful) book by Catherine Cardinal, entitled “Men to Run From”.  She’s been a commentator all over the world, on TV, radio and in print, and as a therapist on family and relationships, who better to assess the different types of  male personas we’ll meet on the dating cycle.  The book is a quick read (lots of fun stuff on the website, too)  and Cardinal quickly identifies 20 archetyple males.  I know I’ve dated at least half of them, and married (and divorced) one of them.

The book also helps you figure out what it is in YOU that chooses the type of man you do.  After a few laughs, several knowing nods and a couple of aha’s, I thought I should pass it along to you — if….like me, you are making a dating resolution for the year.

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