NAIAS…watch out Detroit…I’m a comin’!

I just received the best holiday present, ever!  Shortly before the auto industry bailout was approved, I was invited by GM, along with a small group of other bloggers, to attend the North American International Auto Show in Detroit…in early January.

Even though, after leaving Montreal for LA, I swore I’d never set foot in sub-zero temperatures again, I will brave the chill for the thrill of attending this show.  Possibly the most prestigious auto show in the world,  as in invited guest, I’ll have the opportunity to meet with engineers and designers and get an insider’s view of GM’s future.  I cannot wait.  I’ll be giving more details as I find out more, but if you have specific issues or questions that you’d like me to address, please let me know…either by comment or via email to:

I want to know what GMs view is of the Boomer and 50 plus consumer, what vehicles are being targeted to them, what green initiatives will be coming out and where they see the American industry going from this point forward.  In the past, I’ve looked at electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles (the Axon), and green initiatives.  So I’m very intrigued!

Send me your questions and I’ll be blogging from the show if I have reception on my Blackberry Storm/Verizon and/or at the very least each night, with lots of followup info after the show.

Just FYI, there will be 7000 media at the 3 day press event prior to the public show which anticipates 700,000 guests!  I’ve got my warm coat…now to find some fashionable walking boot/shoes…in LA!!!  Ayay.

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