Navigating the Financial Blogosphere — a New Book by Russell Bailyn

What do you get then you mix together traditional print, new media, financial expertise and bit of innovation? A terrific financial resource — a new book by Russell Bailyn, titled “Navigating the Financial Blogosphere.”

Bailyn has taken tried and true financial information but approached it in a novel way. Not only is his book very user-friendly, and constructed in a sequence that takes you, literally, from understanding your relationship with banks, all the way through managing a complex portfolio, but he does it from the perspective of someone who believes wholeheartedly in the power of the resources that can be gleaned from the internet.

In a refreshing look at what education the internet brings to the table, Bailyn caps every chapter with a summary of websites, blogs and other resources that can help anyone make informed financial decisions. He even includes a focus on the 50 plus demographic (I’m very delighted to have been referenced along with two members of our Blogging Boomers Carnival: The Boomer Chronicles and So Baby Boomer — chapter 25 if you want to find us!)

Well chronicled chapters and a robust index will help you find the resources you need. Bailyn is a widely popular financial blogger, as well as a contributor to several financial sites. As a result, he has been able to distill the often overwhelming material that can be found on the web and condensed it into bite-sized chunks that even the most timid, novice, or reluctant investor will find manageable. And for the more savvy, there is an abundance of resources that will keep them participating in their further education for years to come.

Very well done. And kind of fun, too!

Navigating the Financial Blogosphere is available in most local bookstores across the US and Canada.

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