New group just for Boomers and 50 Plus

The long-awaited Eons (by Monster entrepreneur Jeff Taylor) has launched. This online community is catering to the 50 – 100 year old crowd (yes…that’s us!) It’s a touch challenging to figure your way through on the first go around, but worth the visit. As traffic increases, I suspect that some of the navigational challenges will be cleared up. But there are so few online communities for 50 plus (this is one of them!) that it is wonderful to see this one go live.

I’ve started a group on Eons, Careers for Boomers and 50 Plus. The user interface is easy. Membership is climbing fast and furious (LOTS of great comments) and I think you’ll see many of the issues you face echoed by the posts in the group. Visit the site, sign up for your free Eons membership and comment away.

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