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Like many others, I am a news junkie. The bright worm moon light has woken me up a bit earlier than usual & what do I reach for? My Droid & this fantastic thing called a news widget. A touch of my finger & I’m abreast of what is going in in Libya as of 6:15am or Japan,according to reporters from Reuters,CNN, Huff Post, Globe & Mail, &BBC just to name a few. I’ve not thumbed through a print newspaper in years, preferring to get the most current news online & via satellite TV. With unfolding crises I’ll remain glued to the set. I always want to do something to help but know I can’t, other than through a donation here or there. The Japan disaster is overwhelming & I cry watching the news, especially when a friend has shared some of the personal hardship her own family is facing, having lost their homes & living in evac centers in Japan.
I feel that I need to know, ought to be informed but the sense of helplessness is also overpowering. News overload and the feelings I’m experiencing are not uncommon. The remedy is to stay away from the news for a few days and get one’s mind back to daily life. Can I avoid the news?  Not yet. As a citizen of the planet I need to know. But I’m a moment away from regrouping… I may yet decide to unplug this weekend. I know it’s not just me.

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  1. Why not read Daf Yomi (Talmud Daily Page) instead, or focus on Jewish news? Are you similarly overwhelmed by the Israeli children murdered last week?

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