No show for a job interview?

In this economy, with so few job prospects in sight, could you imagine not showing up for an interview? When I place an ad to increase my team, I am very careful about how I describe the position so that, instead of being inundated with hundreds of resumes, I can focus on the 50 or so that end up applying.

In addition to those job seekers, applicants will find me through my website (this is for my pet services business) and apply online. The resourceful ones call, and others get in touch through word of mouth referrals.

This morning I was set up to interview a woman who tracked me down through a business colleague who thought she might be a good fit for my company.  We had a lovely phone conversation, she seemed eager and enthusiastic, so I agreed.

Twenty minutes past our interview slot…no call, no email, nothing. As a courtesy to my colleague, I called the jobseeker and got her answering machine. FYI, even if she calls back, I won’t be considering her because meeting about the job wasn’t important enough to her.

She had a foot in the door and blew it.  This is the wrong economy for serious missteps. 

End of the story? After getting my message she called to apologize.

Wait for it….her dog ate her calendar and she couldn’t find my number to call me earlier… Lol… Oh yes, she did.

3 thoughts on “No show for a job interview?

  1. Even a moron could come up with a better excuse than that. A lame and shockingly unoriginal story even for a 12 year old — and I assume she was older than that. Who even uses a paper calendar these days? Maybe the dog ate her iPhone or maybe she’s just full of it.

    1. The funny thing is that this is for a position walking dogs…AND the dog ate her calendar. I was falling off my chair. The sad part is that this is a 50 plusser and I was willing to consider her for the position at a time when 50 plussers are having a rough time getting a foot in the door. Oh my…the dog ate my homework, too.

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