NYT: Voices Faulting G.O.P. Economic Policies Grow Louder

Such a dramatic juxtaposition of the disconnect between ideology and governance.

A post on Time Goes By captures Tea Party members cheering to news of the S&P downgrade of the US economy.

Today the NY times talks economic necessity for America.

2 thoughts on “NYT: Voices Faulting G.O.P. Economic Policies Grow Louder

  1. Excellent! Keep up the great work it’s so imperative…THANK YOU for the accurate and clear message of what’s really driving this country. Greed and power influencing the ignorant to work on their behalf

  2. Accurate and clear? You think this clip exposed something? The minor downgrade wasn’t good, but it woke up a lot of people on BOTH sides to the massive debt this country is in and to the unleashed spending going on right now in DC. Washington has to stop spending money it doesn’t have.

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