One Bank’s Folly, Another Bank’s Gain

I hate…HATE bureaucracy. Nimble business is my thing. If I have a choice, I’ll deal with a small business any day, unless a “big boy” decides to step up to the plate on the customer service end of things. So, needless to say, I’m not a big fan of banks, insurance companies, healthcare (in any form in THIS country), humongous chains, etc…unless their customer service is top notch.

Who do I like? Vonage (phenomenal customer service…necessary to handle the challenges of switching to relatively new digital phone technology), Walmart (yes, I do…they provide excellent customer service), Washington Mutual (top notch customer service), Gelson’s (food chain), Nordstrom’s (although even their famous customer service reputation is starting to fall), and American Express for Business. And that, my friends, is about it.

So it is with a sad giggle turning to a flat out guffaw, that I point you to a terrific post on Corinne Copnick’s blog “Cryo Kid” to read about a sad (and very true) look at dealing with the banking world as you see your dollar shrinking.

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