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As you can see, I’ve successfully found a template I like.  Now to start building the architecture.  I decided to host my site with after a ton of research (and a lot of help from my very knowledgeable tech friends.  My reason for this is that most of the website applications come with the hosting package.  After years of Blogger, I also decided on Blue Host because I wanted to experiment with WordPress and also relocate my online store from the old Gen Plus site. 

For the basics, I’ll be having my main blog page (once I figure out how to RSS to my blog on blogger — then I’ll be able to post here once and automatically feed to blogger.)  Haven’t figured out how to do that yet…but I will. 

It took me 3 hours last night to figure out, not only which template I wanted, but also how to upload my files!  LOL now, but last night I was cursing my decision.  I can always cash in a “phone-a-friend” call, but I get a perverse satisfaction in figuring it all out myself.  As a result, what I learn kind of sticks with me.  If you decide to set up your own site, feel free to email me and I can probably help you out!!

The reason I chose this template was because I wanted a customizable header to upload any photos I wanted, as well as three columns.   As for the store, I may or may not have uploaded the e-commerce plug-in correctly, but I’m not even going to experiment with that until I get the website architecture right.

According to my great friend and programmer, Rex, I can now officially count myself a programmer, although I disagree.  Unless being a programmer means not having a clue what you are doing!!

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