Pet Waste Composter (it’s all the rage) and Veggies for this California Family

Because I have a pet care business, I deal with a lot of dog poop.  Usually my team and I pick up the poop and stick in green recycling bins, but I’m taking it a step further in my garden.  After doing a bit of research, I’ve found an easy to make, fantastic addition to my garden — an in-ground pet waste composter.  You can’t mix in food waste and you can’t have it compost near your vegetable path, but it is a guaranteed way to add additional nutrients to your flower garden.  Here’s a link if you want to try to create one yourself.

I’m going to stay away from food composting right now, as I don’t want to attract rats, and vegetable waste can go in the green recycling bins, but I’m very excited about this composter.  No worms, no mess, no fuss.  Just scoop and deposit.  Couldn’t be happier.  

Next, I will be planting the vegetable garden.  My daughter HATES all vegetables (except for tomatoes).  A few years ago, I grew a few vegetables and a ton of tomatoes and she was horrified at the idea of eating something grown in our garden.  Well, I didn’t plant anything last summer, but with the price of everything and trying to cut corners where I can, I’ll be growing my tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes (I’ll try anyway), cucumbers, red peppers and anything else I have room for in my own little Victory garden.  

I hope my daughter decides she likes a veggie or two, but I don’t care, because I LOVE fresh produce and if I can eke out a decent vegetable garden, I’ll be delighted.  (My fruit trees and fresh herbs give me great delight…so why shouldn’t I put in a bit of vegetable effort?)  And I’ve got big plans for lettuce in pots and cucumber and pea pod teepees.

I gave some thought to really branching out my urban farming plan, and adding in a chicken coop at the side of my house (I’ve actually seen roosters walking around in Encino…so someone has a hen house…), but I think my neighbors would be appalled,especially if there is early morning squawking.  So I’ll hold off on that for now. 

What I didn’t realize (and hope I’m not too late), is that in California, I can take advantage of 3 growing seasons — cool crop for spring and fall, and warm crop for summer.  So, I’m going for it.  Even if I’m only moderately successful and end up with an abundance of August tomato and cucumber sandwiches, I know I’ll feel great pride in the effort.  I have friends and relatives who are gentleman and gentlewoman farmers.  They just head out to their garden to pick their groceries, or run into the henhouse for a couple of eggs.  I realize that won’t be me (I’m not that granola), but heck, why shouldn’t I do my best with my little piece of land?  Wish me luck.  I don’t know the difference between a rake and a hoe, or between potting soil, mulch and peat moss (or are they all the same?)  Should be fun!

Next, I’ll be looking into renewable power sources for my home.

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