Pioneering, Re-engineering, Slogging Away!

Spherion is a renowned recruiting and staffing company that connects jobseekers with searching companies. They recently started their own blog and have a very nice section on 50 plus.

Of course, I’m a bit biased. In a recent post, they referred to me (and Jeff Taylor of Monster and now eons fame) as a trend pioneer in the 50 plus category. Well, that gave me a bit of a thrill. Then I thought about it. I’ve been blogging for close to two years now. I’m considered a veteran blogger by the online community, have many subscribers as well as many jobseeking members of Gen Plus…and I beat myself up every day that I haven’t opened enough eyes yet to the plight of the 50 plus jobseeker. I literally feel like a pioneer — NOW I know what the goldseekers felt as they made their way West and even worse…to Alaska.

In the bitterly cold hinterland of employment opportunities for 50-plussers, it is clear that right now, in 2006 (almost 2007) there are still very few employers are on the 50 plus recruiting bandwagon. It is shocking how few will advertise directly to our demographic for fear of “age discrimination” challenges if they interview and then don’t hire.

Anyway, a Saturday night is never a good time for a rant, so I’ll stop now. Take a look at the Spherion blog and go for a chuckle instead!

2 thoughts on “Pioneering, Re-engineering, Slogging Away!

  1. 2 years….a very short time in history – a very long time to work on building a dream.

    But, dear pioneer, you have – in fact – survived the arrows of the doubters from the past and have launched the most important work of your career.

    It is a pleasure to acknowledge your work – and to thank you for mentioning Spherion, my enlightened employer.

    Blog away –

    Carleen “AgelessinAmerica” MacKay
    Subject Matter Expert, Mature Workforce – Spherion

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