"Same-store" in job search for Boomers and 50 plussers?

In profit-driven, growth-focused corporate America, there are a few concepts that bring shivers of excitement to CEOs — new business (acquisition), growth of existing business (retention) and the growth that new and old deliver. You may have heard the term “same-store” — that refers to existing business.

In job search, especially at 50 plus, there is a certain corporate America bias to hiring the older worker. I like to think of it as an interpretation of the visual representation of the job seeker. Huh? Eh? What do I mean? Simple — in hiring, the book IS judged by the cover. If you are a Gen Plusser — a boomer or 50 plusser — you are visibly older than a Gen Xer and Gen Yer. Looking older, creates a subliminal suggestion to the recruiter (especially in BIG business), that your contribution to the operation will fall in the category of “same-store”. That means you’ll add value only as running business as usual — NOT bringing in the fresh blood and growth perception of acquisition (or a YOUNGER hire.)
Your strategy (and you need to have a strategic approach) must take into account your age and your approach MUST bring your “value-added” to the table. How will you add profitability to the company? What skill set do you offer that will bring fresh ideas and growth to the company’s revenue (and/or bottom line?) How internet/web-savvy are you? What is your knowledge of the industry you are looking to work in? How can you take past successes and translate them into the new online relationship building market world? How do you break down new doors? Or ask for business, streamline procedures and expenses, make an operation more viable?
This contribution needs to be apparent in your resume, your cover letter, your “look”, your approach, your conversation — essentially, your personal brand. It does not matter if you are applying to big business or small business — your value-added is key to overcoming your visible age.
If you aren’t clear on how to brand yourself, there are a ton of branding articles in my Job search categories in the right sidebar. Let me know what YOU are doing to refresh and rebrand your own “book cover.”

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