Seven year itch.

It is tough to blog consistently.  Like any writer, you have days of inspiration, where you don’t have enough time to write all the things you want to say…and then…like any writer, you have days with total, unwavering, heart-rending writer’s block.  It’s never that I don’t have something to say.  I can always talk and anyone who knows me, also knows that there is nothing I love more than to “share” my opinions and “free” advice.  But the challenge is to want to write about something that your readership (you) actually want to hear about.

When I first started this blog, back in 2004, blogs were new.  I quickly achieved a good readership and a Google Page Rank of 6 (pretty good for a blogger of my niche.)  If you look up on any of the big rankers, I show up in top 4-5% of websites for popularity, even though I don’t touch millions of readers.  But the quality of what I’ve always chosen to write about, and staying with the subjects I feel passionately about, are what make writing so deeply interesting to me.

When I started this blog, in 2004, I had a mission — to change the way America (and the world???) viewed the Boomer and 50 plus population in the work force.  Over the years I shared strategies for job seeking for 50 plussers that would help someone get in the door.  I started a job bank just for Boomers and 50 Plussers which was doing well until the economic bust.  With so many layoffs, the impact crosses all age demographics and I felt that the 50 Plus niche was in for a really, really tough time finding work.  So running a job bank for companies dedicated to hiring 50 plussers became moot.  Companies aren’t really hiring.  They are firing, restructuring and downsizing.  Are there jobs?  Certainly.  But each job application really has to be individually targeted, with network resourcing, unlike the days of blanket resume blasting.

It’s been 5 years and although I’ve been expecting that the 7 year itch would happen, it is starting now.  Which is why I’ve been taking a bit of a break the past couple of weeks.

And in the silence of the break, I felt a vibration, a tingle of change coming. Subtly.  From the ground up.

It’s called innovation.  It’s called invention.  It’s called resourcefulness.

Not trends.

As people have pared back their spending, they find themselves becoming creative with stretching their dollars.  After a while of this frugal creativity, other creativity starts to surface.  We may realistically already have 13-15% true unemployment, but we also have 85% of the workforce pushing the envelope to keep their jobs, keep their businesses afloat, find ways to make a few extra dollars — a level of really uncomfortable stress, which either makes or breaks us, as a person, as a family, as a people.  We have 13-15% of the population, enduring almost unbearable stress —  looking for work, for new business opportunities, for hope and finding those ways either makes us or breaks us — as a person, as a family, as a people.

That’s what I’ve been feeling the past few weeks.  A tingling of creativity, and a small surge of people (other bloggers, colleagues, strangers) noticing the innovation.  And I felt pride, yesterday, voting in the LA primary, because I had the right to vote.  And unexpected esteem booster, just by being an American (AND Canadian!).

I feel creativity looming around every corner and while the proof of success or failure is in implementation, the magic is in the marriage of innovation and execution.  So, I’m hijacking my 7-year-itch.  Cutting it off at the 5-year mark.    And I’m going to add to my portfolio of interests and seek out innovation.  I think writer’s block is gone.  I hope you’ll share your finds with me, too.

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