Shanghai or bust?

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Every day the western world is waking up a bit more and taking notice of the mighty, mighty power of China. And it is most apparent just by taking a virtual stroll through Shanghai, the hip, alluring jewel of China, the capitalist mecca of the East.

In Shanghai, there is Flagship store, followed by Flagship store being built. From Armani, to Gucci, to Omega to Starbucks! Everything American is desired by the Chinese consumer.

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And the Chinese economy, as different to ours as salt is to pepper, is booming…just as ours did during the migration to the West coast during the Gold Rush.

How is the 50 plus and senior population treated there? Differently than in Beijing? Are their 50 pluser’s also feeling the pressures of joblessness, ageism, loneliness? Within the affluent citizenry of Shanghai, do our East Asian counterparts have the disposable income that a majority of us share in the West?

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I’m both scared and intrigued. Much more on this later as Gen Plus delves into the Shanghai phenomenon.

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