Snoop Dogg declares "izzle" has fizzled.

Interviewed on Movies on, the king of “izzle”, Snoop Dogg (famous/infamous rapper), is asking his fans to move on from talking like him. He created a whole new lingo, by adding “-izzle” into his language. He is “izzled” out and wants us to LIG (Let it Go!) So, before “izzle” has completely passed us by, I figured I’d give a shout out to all the potential employers out there who are looking to attract the 50-plussers to their workforce.

Here’s how. For example, if I wanted to say, “HEY, Employers! Where are you? Why are you not declaring yourself 50-plus friendly? Get your jobs listed on Gen Plus!”, in Snoop, I’d say “Whass up, Emplizzles? Whizzle yo at? Whizzle yo nizzle declizzling yozizzle 50-pizzle frezizzle? Foshizzle, gizzle your jizzles on Genizzle Plusizzle and watch it sizzle!”
Ahhh. Much better. Now maybe we’ll get some attention.

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