Stimulus package passed…about time.

Whether you agree with the details of the stimulus package or not, it had to be passed.  Politicians can posture as much as they want, but the reality outside of Washington, DC is pretty dire. 

Today, on Friday the 13th, while across the US, kids in elementary schools (yes, even in California, which ranks 48 out of 50…), pre-celebrated Valentine’s Day, having parties, exchanging valentine cards and goodies, and loading up on sugar, another 10,000 Americans had their homes foreclosed. 

As I walked around a neighborhood today, I saw a house, locked up, with signs glued to the windows — “Abandoned house.  Not for rent.  For purchase information, call…”

A mediator I know, is trying to negotiate for his client to walk away from a property.  Only he can’t get anyone at the concerned bank to call him back.  Not only that, no one at any branch has a clue who to call regarding loan negotiation. 

On Monday, President’s Day, Obama will be outlining a plan regarding home foreclosures

I spoke to a reporter today who is looking for people who have been laid off and found a brighter future.  And I’m having trouble coming up with people to send to her.  Last week, a friend of mine had to lay off the last batch of lay-offs at the company she works for.  Last week, an acquaintance shared with me that her husband, a CFO had been laid off last year and was out of work for over 10 months.  He finally found employment and now, just two months into the job, had to lay off over 20% of the workforce.

And I’m really angry that the politicians can’t stop themselves from being politicians.  There is something about being nimble that helps effect change and a stumbling, angry political machine just bogs everything down.  There cannot be bi-partisanship in such a polarized country.  And so we’ll continue to move along, at a snail’s pace, while Obama gets frustrated, and Judd Gregg resigns (wonder who has what on him?) and no Republicans vote for anything Obama puts forward…just because. (Don’t go throwing comments at me for that one!)

So, I’ve made a nimble, executive decision in my own little world.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…and I’m taking the day off.  From the news, from my finances, from stress, from worry and will spend my day loving all the people in my life.  My daughter, who makes every day just that much sunnier, and the rest of my family who I love dearly.  I’m going to see a movie…preferably a comedy with a dear friend and she and I will hopefully drink a glass of red wine somewhere in there over a good meal and hope for a better week next week.

I mean…how much farther down can the bottom be?

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  1. After reading the recent posts and comments about our current economic situation, I have a perspective that I hadn’t had before. I wish I could say that I feel better for it. I hope I am wrong about the picture I am getting. I don’t see the election of President Obama as a mandate. Most of the people I talked with before the election felt as I did; we wish we had had more and/or better choices for President. Even though I did not vote for him, I held out a lot of hope after the election and through inauguration day. I placed my hope in the new administration for a new way of doing things; the change promised and hoped for. I have been more than disappointed. I am appalled. It is a a frightening re-work of many bad ideas. The idea that we should “just do something” is now going to cost my children and grandchildren an obscene amount of money. Many of the items in this “stimulus” bill are ideas that should be discussed at a later time. How many of us spend huge amounts of money without knowing the terms of what we are signing? Where is the openness that Pres. Obama promised? Why is he promoting fear instead of hope? The New Deal DID NOT end the Depression, WWII and the subsequent build-up did. It seems that over that last few decades the idea of what our country is and should be has changed. When did we begin believing that our government was the answer to everything? From what I can see our government officials on “both sides of the aisle” got us into this and now we trust them to fix it? Help me understand this.

    1. Hi Cindy. You outline the concerns that are affecting the entire global economy. We have a huge challenge and one that is different than ever in the history of our world because the global economy is so entwined. There is no “fix-it” solution and you are quite right — it isn’t really the government that is going to get us out of this. The populations of each country will individually and collectively move us out of this disaster by innovation and determination. The stimulus package is just that…a stimulus — a catalyst — to try and bump the economy forward a step or two. If enough jobs can be created, the momentum will continue to carry the economy out of this mess. It will take years for the economy to correct itself…not days or weeks. And partisanship or bi-partisanship aside, any step forward is still a step forward. I’ll be writing a new post, inspired by some of your comments.

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