Sunset Daze coming to a retirement community near you…

By now, you’ve probably seen commercials WE tv’s new reality show,  “Sunset Daze”,  which follows an active & eclectic group of retirees as they live out their golden years skydiving, dating, partying, and checking off their bucket lists.  

I had the pleasure of previewing the premiere episode and I have to say I got a few chuckles and had to dry my eyes a couple of times, too.  The demographic is a bit older than many of my readers, but we’re not that far behind and the issues (especially dating) will resonate with you.  A “lite”, fun, don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously, way to enjoy a 1/2 hour of your time — I actually watched the full episode, which means it held my interest.

As always, with any reality show, the draw is the characters you meet — the first show follows the women and they were worth the peek (love the ex-nun).  I’m sure the episodes with the men will be just as entertaining. 

The show premieres on April 28 at 10 pm | 9c on WE tv.  Click on the link for a sneak peek!  Sunset Daze Sneak Peek!

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