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Blogging Boomers Carnival #114…I’m IT!

I’m this week’s host of the Blogging Boomers Carnival…this week issue #114.  And a great collection of boomer thoughts it is.  So, without further ado (aka the economical version as a carnival homage to the ongoing economic crisis…)

At So Baby Boomer, against the backdrop of a longer lifespan and a premium on brains over brawn, more Baby Boomers are realizing that moving from a high-paying job they don’t like to a lower-paying job they enjoy  may entail less of a financial hit than they thought. 

From LifeTwo: For many, thinking of summer, of freedom and adventure, conjures up going on a “road trip.” With good reason, road trips can be all that and more.  One of the best road trip books that I’ve come across is Jamie Jensen’s Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America’s Two-Lane Highways.”

From everybody’s fave, The Boomer Chronicles: Coming out as gay or lesbian in midlife can be hard, but it can also be the realization of lifetime.

When it comes to Twitter, well thought-out statements and PR isn’t always what grabs people’s attention. Sometimes the minor details of your day are what resonate. Andrea Stenberg at the Baby Boomer Entrepreneur shares a story of that this worked for her with Twitter Basics: How Virtual Small Talk Can Build Relationships

Bright bold shoes in eye popping colors are everywhere this spring. Are they too trendy for Boomers gals and what would you ever wear them with? Get the answers at Fabulous after 40.

From Cindy Samuels at Don’t Gel Too Soon:  I’ve been involved with Berlin since way before the Wall came down, so the 20th Anniversary of the “Fall of the Wall” had great resonance.

What is lost when we experience a midlife crisis or really any type of crisis in our lives?  The Midlife Crisis Queen ponders this question this week.

Barbara Weibel at Hole In The Donut  brings us another intriguing travel story about Key West, Florida, explaining why the island seceded from the Union in 1982, declaring themselves the Conch Republic.

Dina at This Marriage Thing asks her brunch guests the age-old question:  which matters more — the thought or the gift?

Read a review of the book President Chavez of Venezuela recently gave to President Obama, Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano at VABOOMER.com

As for yours truly, see what funny little thoughts danced around my head this week…about cell phones and schizophrenia!

Ya gotta love the BBC

It’s Monday — which means it is time for the Blogging Boomers Carnival (#113), hosted this week at Andrea Sternberg’s, The Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

She gives us a great setup this week, with a good pitch for the power of social networking, tweeting, twitting, linking and Facebooking.  Have fun.  A good read — and don’t forget to StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious or Tweet ME!!

Blogging Boomers Carnival #107

It is my turn to host the Blogging Boomers Carnival, installment number 107.  I have the privilege of being the first host in daylight savings time.  This week, I’m all about innovation, imagination, reengineering, revisioning.  Creativity, inspiration, and the first breaths of spring a’comin’.

Last week I promised to share some goodies and I’ve got the goods, thanks to many of our intrepid Carnies.  So, in addition to many of the posts, this week, our favorite bloggers ALSO share some of the websites and/or blogs that THEY have found innovative or inspiring.  Enjoy.

A wakeup call about social networking from John Agno, at So Baby Boomer:  Anecdotal evidence suggests that Baby Boomers have discovered Facebook in a big way.  However, SoBabyBoomer suggests that we must be clear about the lies we tell ourselves regarding the use of this social network.

To her surprise, when Barbara Weibel at Hole In The Donut traveled to Ocracoke Island – one of the most isolated places in the country – she understood the unique brogue spoken by the locals, leading her to a discovery about her family roots.
Barbara sends her recommendation to a wonderful blog  authored by Ruth Pennebaker, who is an amazing writer. Barbara tells us: “Sometimes I cry when I read her posts; other times I laugh out loud, but her writing always touches me profoundly.”  Visit the The Fabulous Geezersisters.  (I’m heading over there just because of the name!)

Laura Lee Carter, AKA “The Midlife Crisis Queen”,  asks: How does real human change occur?  Let’s ask an expert on the human mind and brain function Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Laura Lee asks us to spread the love check out the blog of her Australian friend.  It’s called Hot Middlescence! 

“I have a relative who retired at age 53, and I’m envious”, says Carnival co-founder, Rhea Becker at The Boomer Chronicles.   Nuff said.

This one cracks me up:  Over at Menopause the Blog, Wendy Lawson explains why mid-life women have so many bad hair days… (Refer back to The Boomer Chronicles, above.)

Do you have a passion for photography? Check out SoFoBoMo over at Contemporary Retirement.  And Ann Harrison’s points us to Jeanette Maw’s Good Vibe Blog – all about the Law of Attraction.  That’s good…I’m going to check it out…I’m trying to attract some money.

Ron Enderland never fails to evoke nostalgic memories at I Remember JFK   This week he brings us “Essential 60’s Accessories: Ashtrays and Lighters –Let’s step back in time and step inside a typical home of the 1960’s. We’ll use my modest Miami, Oklahoma dwelling, of course. It was a 1950’s era tract home sitting on a modestly traveled street. Very typical of what WWII veterans were raising families in. If you have time-traveled from the 21st century, the first thing you will notice when you step through my front door (three small staggered vertical windows placed at adult-viewing level) is a pervading odor of stale cigarette smoke.”

Intrepid co-founder Wesley Hein brings me great joy this week:  More and more people are becoming obsessed with Twitter. Why this is happening and how you can use it are the focus of the LifeTwo article Twitter: What It Is And Why You Should Know (And How To Find Us); “Twitter Power”  And his recommended favorite web site is the satirical website The Onion

Good listening is pure love. What? Has listening become the lost art of relationships?  Dina, at This Marriage Thing shares why and her favorite StoryCorp moment.

Don’t know about you, but fashion IS all about innovation.  Spring Styles are starting to pop up in stores and there’s plenty of choice out there. What are this season’s latest trends, and how can you wear them without looking too old, too young, but just right? Visit Fabulous after 40 to find out.

Nancy, at VaBoomer, brings some perspective to the table.  Becoming a Human Hub in challenged economic times:  connect, connect, connect!

What is indoctrination and what isn’t – and does it matter?  A children’s ceremony raises questions over at Don’t Gel Too Soon

And as for me, already filled with such great thoughts from these wonderful writers, I’d like to turn your attention to another great writer, my mother, Corinne Copnick  (http://Cryo-kid.blogspot.com), who breathes life to the written word while exploring innovation at the Cultural Olympiad in Vancouver, BC