Take your age. Halve it.

If you are 50, where were you at 25? If you are 60, where were you at 30? What was your dream? Where did you see your life taking you? Did you follow your path? Or did you follow a different path? If you were at half your age, would you make the same choices? And if you deviated from your path, are going to get back on that track in this next stage of your life or do you have a different dream now?

3 thoughts on “Take your age. Halve it.

  1. What intriguing questions, Wendy! I’ll be watching for comments. Me, from age 15 on, all I ever wanted to be was a doctor, but at 25 I was too confused to know where I was going and caring for an ill parent pretty much directed my path in those years. I couldn’t even conceive of being 50 back then! At 30 I was raising a child and still wanting to be a doctor. Held that dream until about 40. By then I was too tired! I pretty much raised myself and I’ve always wondered if I would have been more focused or more ambitious if I’d had strong adult guidance. Anyone else?

  2. Wonderful questions – interesting to probe this way…will hafta get back to you with some answers…thanks for your kind comment on my blog…

  3. And just so you know, at 25, I was working behind the scenes…as an assistant director in the entertainment industry, certain that I would be a great film director and change the face of art. I left film and followed a different career path, but always stayed connected to careers where I had to rely on my people skills, work with large groups of people and am still commited to changing the world…only now for 50 plussers!

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