Thank you John Tierney

In a compelling opinion piece in the NY Times (The Adams Principle, July 21, 2005), John Tierney clearly articulates what Gen Plus has been pushing for months. There is going to be an employment crisis. Older workers need jobs. Age discrimination prevents many companies from considering these older workers for the very jobs they need to fill.

Thank you, Mr. Tierney, for so clearly pointing out the obvious. It does not make sense that our country is not proactively working to a solution that Mr. Tierney and I both see. Put older workers back into the job force. Do it now, while they are still current and employable. Don’t let them fall out of the working force. They are touted as the largest consumer demographic in recent history. Turn the consumers into producers.

At Gen Plus, we are pulling in the resumes and profiles of 50 plussers who need or want to stay in the job market and making them attractive and desirable to HR professionals and Employers. As a Canadian expatriate I see my social consciousness infect my business practices.

The prevailing attitude in the US toward older workers must change and will change just by the sheer force of the need of 25% of our population. We will see the same challenges, but five-fold in China, in India, in Japan as those societies also face a huge older demographic that will rely on support from the smaller, younger workers.

UCLA Visiting Scholar, Professor Mark Burgin, has written a wonderful paper, defying and redefining the chronology of aging. He believes that every part of the human ages on a different timeline. He also believes that our society must redefine aging based on the quality of the individual and that chronological aging has to be looked at only as one small part of the human equation on aging.

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