Thanksgiving may be over, but my thanks are ongoing…

I hope you all had good Thanksgiving celebrations (US readers!).  Thanksgiving is such a huge holiday in this country — a time where families and friends try to get together to spend a few hour eating and enjoying being together and giving their thanks for those who are important to them.  With the way the cyberworld works these days, I really don’t know exactly how many of you read my posts on a daily basis — sure there are page stats, but some of you may read me through subscription, through social networks that stream in my blog, or even on websites that pirate my material. There are a lot of you and I appreciate your interest in my words. Regardless of where I stream to and through, I have a pretty clear idea of where in the world you are…and basically I have come to know, through you, gentle readers, your thoughts and views from countries all over the world. 

There are many, many days where writers block sets in and the pressures of life are a bit overwhelming and I may leave a thought or a post for a few days…sometimes even a few weeks (I have about 5 posts pending — from valuable info from AARP to a local bit on a fabulous Farmer’s Market tour offered by Melting Pot Tours, to what I was able to buy from Home Goods for under $25 and more), but through it all, I get your comments, emails, facebook “likes”, twitter retweets, and it gives me a boost every time. 

Thank you, readers, for finding my thoughts and strong opinions of interest to you.  Thank you for taking the time to open that email, visit the site, send a comment or email.  Every one means something to me.  I try to answer everyone who writes, so if you’ve ever emailed me and I haven’t replied, assume your email was missed…with apologies.  

For my Thanksgiving, I sent a thought of thanks to you.  As I do every day. 

Thank you.

Janet Wendy Spiegel

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