The Air Car

I’ve been looking for the right car for me for the past year. I drive a luxury mini-van that happens to be fairly fuel-efficient and would love to move to an electric, hybrid or some sort of vehicle that is more “green” and also gives me the versatility I’m looking for in a mini-van.

I’ve found it. Not here yet, but MDI in France has developed The Air Car…a car that runs on compressed air under 30 mph and switches to fuel for higher speed driving. It is cute as a button AND comes in a “van” style (pictured above left is the Mini-Cat — the tiny city version) similar to the SMART car (above right, which I fell in love with in Italy), although I like the MDI family version of the car, too (pictured below). 2, 4 and 6 cylinder version and at a sweet, sweet price — well under $20K for the fully loaded versions. Coming out in summer 2008 in France and India. I’m on the wait list for the US.

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