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I’ve used Blogger for years, so learning WordPress takes a bit of time.  There is a difference between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG.  The .com application is very similar to Blogger.  A simple template structure, easy to use and allows limited customization.  So if you are looking to create your “diary” vs. a working website, then you should use the application. 

However, if you plan on making template customizations or need to add in a database driven application (like e-commerce), then you’ll need WebPress.ORG and a host which can provide you with a database (this comes with many web hosting providers.)

If you click on different pages on this site, you’ll note different banner header pics.  The only one that is mine still needs to be properly cropped to fit the header correctly.  That will be a next step, but not crucial right now as I’m experimenting with the template to see what I can and cannot do.

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