The meaning of 100

Next Monday, our Blogging Boomers Carnival (BBC) turns 100 installments old.  The BBC is a weekly, hosted collection of some of the best material on the Boomer blogger front.  100 weeks. 

And that gets me thinking. 

100 is a milestone.  A marker.  And also a reason for retrospect. 

When we started our now popular carnival, there were only a few carnivals getting off the ground.  Blogging had been in vogue for a couple of years, but was still relatively new.  Money, jobs and credit were free-flowing and available.  Everyone had the latest styles, cars, haircuts, biggest homes, more children, travelled extensively post 9/11 security loosening up. 

Boomers and 50 plussers were starting to feel itchy as they say their friends and colleagues start to feel the pinch of high-salary “down-sizing” and yet, we were all optimistic that as Boomers started to retire, there would be a mass of companies desperate for management ability and experience that would seek out our demographic. 

A lot has changed in 100 weeks.  Our government is about to change.  Our economy is in pretty bad shape in the US with world economy shockwaves around the world.  The financial markets, once so happy to give oodles of credit, are struggling themselves to stay afloat, many closing and more often converting to banks in order to survive.  The automobile industry is reinventing itself in order to stay somewhat viable in the US. World players China and India are struggling with their aging populations and shrinking economies.  Massive layoffs all over the world, and heavily in the US have shaken up job hopes for so many 50 plussers that how we will earn money will require major redefinition.  College graduates are fearful of their near job futures.  Retirement funds have been wiped out.  The solid ground on which we have based our decisions for well over 40 years has liquefied under an earthquake of financial change.

On a regional note, California is about to go bankrupt within weeks.  KB Toys is out.  Circuit City out. 

Are we at the bottom?  Who knows…but I already hear talk of momentum.  I sense a change.  I feel some shimmers of excitement on the horizon and a shimmering glimmer of hope for 100 new weeks of green economic growth through green technologies, ingenuity from Boomers and 50 Plussers, a total reinvention of media through social media’s growing influence on purchasing and life decisions, and a return to organic foods, smarter decisions and rebuilding of the family, in whatever form it defines itself.

100 weeks ago, I did not know Wesley Hein and Rhea Becker, the founders of the Blogging Boomers Carnival.  Happy 100th BBCers.  I’m guessing that our 200th weekly post will reflect back on the better, greener, smarter world that evolved out of  tough end of the first decade in our new millenium.

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