“The Moment”

Mixed into the excitement of today’s inauguration, were two technological items of note that may have gotten swept a bit under the carpet.  The first is the launch of Barack Obama’s Presidential website at http://www.whitehouse.gov/  Obama’s team have created the first dynamic Presidential website with a tone very much in keeping with the tone Obama set throughout his campaign for the Presidency.  If you click on the site, you’ll see, right at the top right corner an email sign-up.  His team plans to continue the powerful email communication strategy that won him the hearts of America.  As well, there is a sense of transparency, lots of video and tons of info.  I’m signed up.  You should, too. 

Second on the technical side is the amazing interactive 3D photo of “The Moment” — the moment of the swearing in.  Attendees were encouraged to email in their pictures to CNN, from their perspective at the inaugural celebration.  The result is an astounding bit of online technology developed by Microsoft Live Labs, called “Photosynth”– a truly interactive, 360 degree, multi-dimensional, multi-moment , virtual collage.  When you first click on the picture, you think you are just zooming in, however, each “zoom” is another picture.  I was fascinated by the close-ups of the Obama’s — pictures grabbed several moments and you can see, expression-by-expression “the moment”, even seeing Ted Kennedy smiling behind Obama.  Apparently, many other photos will be added over the next few days, but even at this stage it is astounding.  http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2009/44.president/inauguration/themoment/

6 thoughts on ““The Moment”

  1. Even here in Canada we gathered in groups – or sat in singular awe – to watch the transfer of power from a much-despised tyrant to a man who represents everything the world needs. He’s smart, he understands complexity, he’s honourable (and honest), he knows that we can’t solve our problems – as Einstein said – at the same level of thinking we were at when we created those problems. What an amazing day it was! Thank you, America, for the gift of this wonderful leader.

    1. I’m a dual citizen and I feel the same way you do. He appeals to my sense of social responsibility (the Canadian in me) and at the same time to the energy that the US “dream” can harness to a good, innovative end (like all things green.)

  2. LOL. Oh my goodness. I can’t help but find it shocking that everyone writes Obama off as honest and forthright, let’s completely shut off our brains and not even remember the fact that this man is a politician. This great stimulus of $850 billion, what a shock that now it comes out that Nancy Pilosi has is chocked full of ear marks and wasteful spending that do not in any way boost our economy. But since they have a (D) after their names, they can’t possibly do anything bad, is that right?

    Do you really think the $350 million in STD prevention spending is going to honestly be needed at this time when our economy is suffering? How on earth is that necessary. Why not $350 million for food relief or since they’re claiming this nonsense will really impact our health care costs, why not dump it into something important like cancer or HIV prevention. As usual, whenever there’s a huge flow of taxpayer money pay-outs, everyone has to get there fingers in, whether we have a “saint” for a President or not.

  3. And don’t even get me started on this whole “green” movement. People have become so wrapped up in buying anything they’re told is “green” they don’t even turn on their brains to see if it really is or not. Yeah, go out and buy those “green” bumper stickers and “green” t-shirts with plastic print on the front.. you’re really helping the environment.

    I just love that when Obama came to Oregon he told everyone that we should use less heat, drive more gas-efficient cars, etc.. all do our part to help the environment, right? And what does the President drive? First a Ford Expedition, and now out of respect for the environment, he has graciously down-sized to a V8 Chrystler 300M and keeps his Presidential office thermostat at 70 degrees every day.

    He’s a politician just like any other. Not ok for you, but ok for me. It’s a shame so many just believe what they hear without doing their own research.

    1. Hi Deb, What makes the US great is the ability to agree or disagree. I disagree with your point of view, although I understand it. What is different right now is that not only do we have documented global warming, fueled in GREAT part by our US carbon emissions (and our carbon-based economy), but we have an economic crisis that is global, not national, in scope. No president is going to be able to fix this. This MUST be a concerted effort by the US. No one person can change our economy from a carbon-based one, and one that relies almost 100% on other countries to provide us our fuel, to a country where WE own the alternative energy solutions. That is what must change and that is why the American people voted Obama into office. Because he is at the very least, in a highly innovative way (tremendous campaign and incredible internet communicator), has been able to mobilize the people of this country and will hopefully be able to keep that momentum going. I’m a Canadian by birth and have been invested with a sense of social responsibility so I’m all for anything that can raise the collective American consciousness and support our society as a whole. While everyone may theoretically have an equal opportunity in the US, economics is THE great equalizer. Perhaps you aren’t in danger of losing your home. Or perhaps you do have job security. But with many, many years of experience and research behind me, I can assure you that our country is in dire shape. I hear from an incredible amount of readers who are about to lose everything, not because they spent foolishly, but because they are over 50, were laid off and cannot get back into the work force. There must be green jobs generated, because a rebuilding of the US infrastructure is the only way that this huge, aging demographic will be able to earn again and keep themselves supported for the next 30 years. Additional tag: I am fortunate in that I’m able to squeak by and afford health insurance. I pay $1600/month to have health care coverage for myself, my daughter and my mother. Yes…a MONTH. Do you think THAT is reasonable?

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