The new Canadian spelling of Boomer….Zoomer!

Canadian media mastermind, Moses Znaimer (if you are Canadian, you’ll definitely know who he is, and if you are not, then keep your ears open…because you will…) has recently taken over as executive director of CARP (the Canadian version of AARP) and is shaking things up…in a positive way. Just as he reinvented the face of Canadian radio and television, he is going to add his golden touch to CARP.

For starters, he’ll be renaming the popular CARP magazine “Zoomer” and hopes that Zoomer will become part of the Canadian lexicon as he rebrands and freshens up the 50-plus focused organization. Full press release…and worth a read.

4 thoughts on “The new Canadian spelling of Boomer….Zoomer!

  1. While this is a lot of fun (who wouldn’t like to be known as a Zoomer instead of a Boomer?), there is a serious side to the branding as well.

    People over 50 are much more active, involved, and able to do work now and a rebranding is due.

    I hope it catches on in the US as well…

  2. Hi Scot — that is why our blogs are important…you are giving a great insight into job search from the perspective of someone who is in current search mode. I aim for raising the level of social awareness through Gen Plus. There are many more of us out there and words are very important in rebranding and reshaping perspective. Zoomin’ out…

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