The New Recruits: Older Worker…Wall Street Journal Calls it Right!

Erin White is on the ball.  This Wall Street Journal columnist focuses in on a few companies who are stepping up to the plate, recognizing the work shortage crisis ahead and doing something to WOO the older worker as a potential employee.

2 thoughts on “The New Recruits: Older Worker…Wall Street Journal Calls it Right!

  1. Hi Wendy!

    Thanks for this great post! The article is terrific! It’s heartening to know that some employers are beginning to “get it” – and I think many more will.

    Of course, I also think the article has some important points for 50+ workers and job seekers. Specifically, if people know what most worries employers about older workers, they can take proactive steps to become more attractive. Here are some things that jumped out at me immediately:

    (1) Find ways to communicate / demonstrate your value; show why your higher salary is justified;
    (2) Take care of your fitness / wellness; fit people convey more energy and typically don’t look like health risks;
    (3) Take initiative to learn new skills for the new workplace; even showing your comfort level with Web 2.0 tools can help;
    (4) Focus on developing your intergenerational skills; make friends with younger people and learn how to relate.

  2. I was having a conversation with an 70-something who was bemoaning the fact that they now feel technologically left behind. Why? Because when her computer went down she didn’t know how to technically fix it. Entire IT departments can’t fix things when the systems go down…and THEY are the experts. Walter makes a great point…become comfortable with technology — especially new media (also called Web 2.0 — blogging, social networks, understanding how to make comments on blogs and online articles, contributing to chat rooms and forums, etc.) and you can have a considered conversation or develop a business plan by understanding what is going on in the workplace today.

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